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If Jeff Bezos Paid Tax At The Same Rate As Everyone Else, America's Education and Health Issues Would Be Solved

This week's publicity stunt by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is nothing short of an award winning, revenue generating, share price drive guaranteed to ensure that less educated people who cannot see through this manipulative PR stunt, go out and either buy shares or purchase on Amazon ultimately making Jeff Bezos richer.

How much do you think that the announcement that Jeff Bezos will donate (I'm sure with clauses) $33 million (petty cash) to fund college scholarships for 'Dreamers'? I can give you a fair estimate; $10 million or more in publicity on television, social media, press, magazines, radio and word of mouth. Add to that, the loyalty factor that will ensure the 'Dreamers' and their family purchase from Amazon, which would be conservatively placed at around $30 million (this year no doubt!). This man is a genius, but he is not genuine. A person who genuinely cares about their adopted country would pay full tax like the 'Dreamers' that he proposes to fund through college scholarships, every single year. But no, he does not. He has off-shore accounts, the most talented accountants who ensure that his tax is minimized and of course, tax deductible charitable donations.

The announcement screams "I'm a good guy and now you should buy more shares in Amazon and only buy from Amazon" because over approximately 4 years, he proclaims he will help 1,000 undocumented immigrant high school graduates with Deferred Action fro Childhood Arrivals Status attend college. Divide $33 million by 4 years (approximately the time to do a degree), and see the ROI this man has been able to pull off!

Jeff Bezos is no hero

Jeff Bezos, you are no hero, and not to be admired. If you paid full tax, with no offshore accounts to this adopted country in which you have the privilege to live in, and make money out of, then the entire health system and education programs would not be under the duress they currently are under. Nor, would America have half its problems, because it is people like you, who are the 'richest' in the world that ensure the 'poor' stay down the bottom and the rich get richer.

Solve some of America's problems by paying full tax in America

I don't have a problem with anyone making money, because I am in that game too, but I am not in the game of making money at the expense of others, and I definitely am no hypocrite. I don't profess to donate money which in fact the ROI in the announcement is higher than the amount in which you will donate. 

Why is the media so fickle to not pay more attention to the billionaires in America who have offshore accounts, and minimize their taxes, including using the media to give them kudos and exposure for donations that are tax deductible? 

I'm calling out the con-job Jeff Bezos has just done on America and the rest of the world, and am proud that as an Australian, Amazon will most likely fail in its pursuit to ruin industry like it has in America.

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