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How to star in your own podcast

You’ve heard a great podcast and have an idea to lead your own. If you are unfamiliar with the podcast realm, here’s a short overview of how to star in your own podcast and get started.


Gather the basic equipment first before branching out into highly expensive gear. Although you will want a decent quality microphone because that serves as the quality of audio you will be sharing with your listeners. Some suggest to simply use the built-in microphone or even a simple USB microphone. Other basic necessities are headphones, internet access and recording software. Optional equipment that could help improve your recording experience are: suspension boom, skype account, design software, and a pop filter. You can compare the ratings and reviews of each product and its brand on websites like Cnet or TechSpot.

Where to record

Among a wide variety of great recording platforms, Audacity, Adobe Audition and Garage Band are a few notable ones. You can learn quicker by watching YouTube videos for whichever platform you decide on. It is ideal to record in a location with little to no distractions and hopefully somewhere you do not have to take down and set up equipment every time.

Filling content

First: Names, names, names. You could go for the descriptive, catchy or unique and random name. But “what's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Although this may be true, people will be saying this name to others so choose wisely on what you’d like to be referenced as.

Topics and content should be planned and outlined from the very start. This will pave the way for you to decide early on when to invite future guests, and properly invest time devoted into the research and script you prepare – which leads to episode length.

A typical episode that is considered short by most listeners is roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Long episodes are sessions that last about 45-60 minutes.

Where to promote 

Once you have finished editing and finalizing your podcast, you can promote it on social media, your webpage, your current followings and podcast directories. If you’d like tips on how to improve your webpage SEO with important keywords related to your podcast, check out  Transform your SEO Keywords strategy. You can also interact with guests or co-hosts using Skype or other platforms that have recording compatibility.

Are you ready to start your podcast and become a star? Share your new podcast link down below and any recommendations you have!

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