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Build a business from a very real, honest place, says Gwyneth Paltrow

I totally agree with this. When I first started Marketing Eye, I built it from a perspective that there was no global player in SMB marketing. While this makes perfect sense, it didn't reach the pit of what I really wanted to achieve as a business person, or a leader for that matter. I also had not thought it through.

"I was doing something from a very real, a very honest place, so I think that's why I was able to build an audience," said Gwyneth Paltrow to Fast Company in a recent interview posted on Facebook.

If you look back a the launch and what appeared to be her passion at the time, it made perfect sense that she would extend herself past being an actress or the face of products, to an entrepreneur who shared who she really is with the rest of the world in an authentic way.

Not everyone is a fan, but with 2.21 million followers on Twitter and a further 71.1k on her Goop account, along with 1.2 million on Instagram and Goop having an equally substantial following of 274k, she certainly has more than her fair share out there.

There are many people out there who want to put Gwyneth Paltrow down. Afterall, she is too pretty, too intelligent, too talented... too perfect. Her god father is Steven Spielberg, and her father was a famous producer and mother a famous actress. She grew up in Beverly Hills with wealth we could only dream of, then went on to become engaged to Brad Pitt, dated Ben Affleck and married Chris Martin. Can this woman have a more perfect life?

On top of that and all of her fame, she has a successful business called Goop.

When she wakes up each day, that's the office she goes to unless she is doing a movie. She is like you and I - an entrepreneur and a marketer.

"I get swept into an emotion and an idea, then I find myself in the execution of it," said Paltrow. Who hasn't felt that before. I can relate and so can every other entrepreneur out there.

"It's evolving and because it's digital, it has the ability to evolve very quickly."

Like all of us, Paltrow knows that it's not easy being an entrepreneur. "It's a tricky thing to create a real brand."

"Mistakes, they have been a perfect learning size. They are things that wake you up, and get your attention and help you really recalebrate how you're doing something but it doesn't break you."

I'm not like most women. I don't go around putting other women down because they are more successful or more beautiful. Instead, I applaud their achievements. I actually take a stand when I hear women gossiping as it's not something that is conducive to positivity or anything meaningful and is often hurtful to the person they are talking about.

When I read the trash they write on Gwyneth Paltrow, it disgusts me. It makes me think what a pathetic life the writer must live to write such virile.

Being in business is hard work whether you are famous, rich or not. You still have to wake up in the morning and make decisions that can make or break your business, and your reputation. You will not always make the right decisions, and if you are a public face then when you don't, it's going to be everywhere. Unless you are one of those people who pop pills so you have no feelings, then it's going to hurt and it will impact the way you experience your day. 

"I'm a persistent person. I don't get crushed under negativity or bad things that happen. The mistakes we make , if anything, makes me more resolute."

Kudos to her. While I haven't taken the step to buy from her website, I sit firmly as a supporter and someone who is proud that she has not only come from fortunate sperm, but has done something with her life - and had sex with Brad Pitt! Can I say that? 


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