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Be Innovative and Deliver a Better Product or Service

Business is something that every entrepreneur has to work on every single day in order to achieve success.

Ranging from overall business strategy through to finance, human resources, technology, operations and the quality of your product or service.

At Marketing Eye, while we are constantly bogged down with tasks, I always make sure I spend the morning working "on the business" and making sure all of our systems and processes are in the right order so that we can achieve success.

Being open to ideas and sharing concepts with team members as well as listening to your clients, helps build a business up to where it needs to be, not only survive but thrive.

There are a lot of movements around that tell people how to become an entrepreneur. They are often inspiration based, but tactically you have to be ready for the challenges that will inevitably cross your path.

I never knew half the problems that would be put in front of me until they happened, but after 18 years in business, there is little that would "ruffle my feathers" so to speak.

Transformation is key

Learning to always be nimble enough for change is important to being able to adapt to market conditions and innovate when needed. By definition, we have a creative and innovative business that is always changing. If we didn't change, we would become obsolete like many advertising agencies who didn't move to digital.

Product and service improvement comes from listening to your clients. If you don't listen and ask them questions, you are unable to identify their true needs and may only be catering to part of what is necessary for their business to achieve their goals.

People in your organization need to continue to learn and grow, and be open to sharing their ideas and creativity without question. Often people get so busy working that they forget the importance of innovation and creativity in achieving better outcomes.

Own your own business path

Try and not copy your competitors. Instead work on how you can deliver a better service or product by producing something that your competitors cannot compete with. This is important for delivering a Unique Selling Proposition that puts your business in a league of its own.

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