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5 Ways In Which To Outperform Your Competitor

We all know that a well oiled sales and marketing machine can take your business to a whole new level, and as long as it is continually done and improved upon, you will no doubt reap the rewards.

Staying ahead of competitors and making sure you have the market share you require to be successful takes a lot of work, but if you remember some pertinent tricks to the trade, you will no doubt find that your return on investment for being diligent, and constantly improving upon what you do, will pay dividends.

Competitors by nature are directly going for the same pool of B2C or B2B buying power, and therefore, you must always remember to think strategically and embrace your team for change. The more nimble you are the more likely you will be successful in achieving your goals.

5 Ways to outperform your competitor

1. If all your competitors are walking one way, walk the other

Being different allows your company and brand to stand out from the crowd. By redefining what you do and how you do it, and giving it a slant that is not exactly the same as all of your competitors, you are providing the client with choice. There is a 50 percent chance, if you get it right, that you may get the deal.

2. Use social media and blogging as your voice to be heard

Use social media and blogging to tell your story over and over again to the market. Follow those following your competitors and say things that are of interest, compelling, memorable and engaging. Start liking their posts, and commence the conversation. 

3.  Be innovative, and dare to take risks

Innovation is key to staying ahead of your competitors. Never rest on the work that you have in front of you, and forget that you need to look into the future and the needs of your customer. Find the gaps that no-one else has noticed or solve a problem that perhaps everyone else has accepted. Take risks like @beautifuldestinations on Instagram by hiring data scientists rather than just your typical photographer or marketer or PR person. 

4.  Research your competitors thorough and scrape their content

Thorough research and analysis will ensure that you NEVER copy your competitors. If you talk exactly the same language as all of your competitors, you will never stand out from the crowd. Subconsciously many companies 'copy' and by ensuring that you don't, you can be more clever in the way you communicate what you do, the benefits of your product or service and why they should choose you over anyone else.

5.  Update your website and mobile site

That means making sure SEO and SEM is updated too. Content is often outdated on websites and even address and phone numbers wrong. Don't have someone who no longer works for you on your website. Make sure it's easy to navigate and that you have kept up to date with changing search engine algorithms. Also, make sure you have marketers, content writers, designers and web developers involved in this process. The worse thing you can do is just have a web developer who has no idea about other disciplines.

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