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When You're Restless At Work

Some days, for whatever reason, office workers find it extremely difficult to focus on any actual work. These are the days we turn to our coworkers and social media streams for entertainment, anything to take our minds off of our very necessary daily tasks we have to perform. Obviously, straying from the work in front of us is an ineffective form of procrastination, but hopefully these tips can ease the restlessness and get you back to work.

  1. Change your surroundings. If you are able to work from your laptop, go and work somewhere else. Sometimes, we just get tired of looking up from our computers and seeing the same things. We get comfortable with the people around us, so it’s easier to strike up a conversation and get distracted. Working away from your desk means that you’ll be surrounded by people you don’t know, thus, you are less likely to start a conversation.

  1. Take a walk. One of the best ways to get rid of excess energy is to physically use it. Getting out of your office and taking a quick 10 minute walk is a great way to get fresh air, get your body moving, and get rid of some of that extra stored up energy. For the best work results though, set a timer and make the walk as close to 10 minutes as possible. If it goes too long, you might be too tired to work effectively, if it’s not long enough, you might feel the need to take another walk later.
  1. Don’t drink coffee, or energy drinks, have a cup of cold water. Many times, we’re restless because we’re tired. Coffee and energy drinks, though American favorites, tend to fuel whatever it is you’re already doing. That means, if you’re just goofing around, it’ll add fuel to the fire. Cold water on the other hand, is a natural hydrant and the temperature will wake you up. Also, water doesn’t have the crashing effects that coffee and energy drinks have.

  1. Invest in an exercise ball. One of the most popular new office trends is sitting on an exercise ball, instead of sitting in a chair. The constant movement as well the balance required to stay upright in one place, requires both energy and focus, which help clear your mind so you can work more effectively.

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Written by Zoe Haynes an Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta

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