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What Does A Professional Woman Wear To Work?

What should women wear to work?

This question is debated by everyone EXCEPT for the women that are actually wearing the clothes. You see, many of us don’t get to choose, we’re simply told what is and isn’t acceptable, as if it somehow has anything to do with how efficient we are at our jobs.

We are constantly told that we should cover our tattoos, dress professionally and wear heels, so people take us seriously. We hear everyday that we should have “traditional” hairstyles, we shouldn’t wear jeans, we shouldn’t have unconventional piercings, and that we should look “modest”, that means, no shoulders, and no skirts above the knee. We should also maintain composure; women are to be seen, not heard.

Trust me, we’ve heard it all.

Natalie, the Atlanta Campus Director of Digital Crafts, previously worked “in a corporate office” where she was required to “wear a pencil skirt”, because it’s perceived as being more professional. Brooke, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kevy, has been told that she needed to “dress nicely” for meetings, while her male counterparts were “allowed to wear t-shirts.” Both women now work at start-up companies, and wear what they want to wear.

Meeting so many successful women prompted me to ask: What does your outfit have to do with how productive you are? On Wednesday, July 13th, I went around the offices of the Atlanta Tech Village, and asked various women if they wouldn’t mind posing for a picture, to show what they wear to work. Every woman I asked, said yes. So without further ado, I present the business women of today, defying social norms in the workplace.

C’mon ladies, dress professionally...

Dress professionally.jpgprofessional.jpg

Featuring the ladies of Sifted, Octane, and Terminus

...and please, maintain composure


Featuring the ladies of Marketing Eye Atlanta

...and cover up your tattoos

No Tattoos 2.jpgNo Tattoos 3.jpg

Featuring the ladies of Sifted and Marketing Eye Atlanta

...also, no “unconventional” piercings, and wear “traditional” hairstyles


Featuring the ladies of Octane, and Automotive Ventures  

No hats inside, and no jeans...

Screenshot_20160713-112257.pngNo Jeans 1.jpgSnapchat-8486344895848882850.jpg

Featuring the ladies of Hannon Hill and Terminus

Seriously, No Jeans! And definitely NO SWEATS! (Go Georgia Bulldogs Mercer Bears!)

Screenshot_20160713-112307.pngYou should look professional.jpgScreenshot_20160713-112241.png

Featuring the ladies of Hannon Hill, GreenPrint, and Acuity Scheduling

Be modest, nothing above the knee, and try not to show your shoulders

You can wear slacks and a belt.jpgScreenshot_20160713-112248.pngScreenshot_20160713-112344.png

Featuring the ladies of The Atlanta Tech Village and WorkGreat

...and pencil skirts only


Featuring the ladies of Kevy and Digital Crafts

Professionals should wear blazers...


Featuring the ladies Rigor

...and heels, women should always wear heels to work

Screenshot_20160713-112439.pngNo Sandals, and no jeans, it's just not professional..jpgScreenshot_20160713-112434.png

Featuring the ladies of The Atlanta Tech Village, Terminus, and Redbird

What women wear to work should be a reflection of how they’re feeling that day, because that’s what fashion is. Clothes are made to express our inner selves, and employees are most effective when they’re comfortable and happy.

Now, I’m not saying you should wear pajamas to work, but as long as what you wear is on brand with your company, feel free to explore different style options. Here at Marketing Eye Atlanta, for example, our modern, stylish employees strive to maintain a professional image.

Katie and Annette.jpg

Featuring the ladies of
Marketing Eye Atlanta

Hopefully, you’re able to find some style inspiration from the lovely ladies featured.

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  • Diana Duong
    Diana Duong
    16 Jul 2016

    I highly enjoyed reading through this blog post, as I completely agree with the idea that fashion is a projective statement of an individual's personality rather than their ability to perform, with regards to business professionalism - fashion is rather a window to the human soul and personality of the specific individual.

    The added photos of the whip-around offices nowadays and the clothes women are now wearing to work were very pleasant to view, as it proved that the traditional idea of business-women clothing is also changing with the times in order to fit in with the modern-day.

    An enjoyable read!


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