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What did you achieve today that made you proud?

I've had a few sleepless nights and I am not quite sure why. I don't have any real worries and life is treating me very well of late. They say if you rid yourself of negativity or people that don't fit your core values whether they are someone you are in a relationship with, friends with, or associates - life becomes a lot more authentic and clean.

After meeting up with a young woman with a new mobile app late yesterday afternooon, I was once again inspired by what a difference we all can make to people's lives around us.

Dashing off to the US

She is dashing off to the US to be with a friend that is ill. She doesn't have to and I am sure there are other's that could be there, but 'girlfriends' matter and being there for people who need you is a sign of what type of values you possess.

I believe in kindness through and through. I always want to do what is right. I find it hard to deal with people who are not of the same basic values and lack manners. But truth be known, many of these things come from our parents and rarely are we able to escape that. I grew up in home where manners were everything. Respect was a given and you should always take the shirt off your back for someone who needs it more.

Charitable in public, but lack values

I sarcastically laugh at these people that promote themselves in the media as being charitable when they lack values and don't help their families or friends in need. When someone is sick, they are the first to fly off. It says something about them. Respect and manners is something no-one can buy.

As I have gotten older, my respect for my Mother, Father and Step-Father has increased enormously. They set me up for life in a way that I did not appreciate when I was younger, but now as I have grown up, I have realised that these things that they gave me are something that money cannot buy.

Please and thank you really are just basic manners

I still feel like pulling people up that don't say please or thank you. Some people (usually narcissists) don't even say hello or goodbye. It's unbelievable. Where these things not basic manners that you had as a child?

A very rich friend's friend has fallen on hard times. Instead of being there for them, they no longer speak. Who does that? But people the world over do. Some people don't care. Some people don't do anything where there isn't something in it for themselves - and that is incredibly sad.

Good parenting and bad parenting

But that is parenting. All of my brother's possess the same set of values as myself and good manners. They always jump up when a lady leaves a table, open doors for women, and in general do what any gentleman should do. Fairly basic stuff really.

Today, I have come to work thinking about not what I am doing today, but what I can do to make myself proud of my achievements. They way I handle my role as a leader, or speak to a client or friend. What is it in my actions today that will make me proud? 

If we all thought like this, wouldn't the world be a better place? 

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  • Kami
    17 Jan 2017

    It's fantɑstic that you aгe getting thoughts from this paгagraph as well as from ouг argument made here.