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Marketing Eye Atlanta’s- Top 5 Favorite 2016 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail for advertising and marketing agencies alike. Months and months of hard work all comes down to one night and one expensive ass :30 second time slot. That’s right the “BIG game” is not really about football it’s all about the commercials baby! So after a long Sunday night of drinking beer and eating endless amounts of Velveeta queso here is a recap of Marketing Eye Atlanta’s favorite Super Bowl 50 commercials and why:

1.     Heinz “Wiener Stampede”

Who doesn’t love puppies running through a meadow wearing little hot dog costumes? It’s adorable. This hilarious Ad features a wiener stampede running towards a Heinz condiment family illustrating just how strong the bond is between Heinz ketchup and wiener dogs. In the extended version you see the dogs licking the Heinz condiment family members as if they just couldn’t resist the great taste of Heinz.

2.    Audi “Commander”

Audi R8 Commander is an emotional advertisement between a father who is a retired astronaut  and his son. In this tearjerker commercial the son comes to check on his father who is daydreaming about his glory days as an astronaut in space. Since retirement the dad seems to be bored and lacking thrill in his life. That is until his son brings him out to test drive the all new Audi R8 205mph. The dad's eyes light up and he finally feels alive again.

3.     Doritos “Ultrasound”

Doritos has done it yet again with their crash the super bowl contest campaign. WARNING: This advertisement may be hard to watch for women who are pregnant or have experienced childbirth. In this hilarious yet disturbing Ad the husband is eating Doritos while the wife is getting an ultrasound, but things quickly escalate once they realizing that the baby in the womb follows the dorito chip wherever it goes.

4.     Shock Top “Unfiltered Talk”

Shock Top promotes their unfiltered beer through a commercial ad of unfiltered back and fourth bar banter between beer spout and bar customer. If that wasn’t funny enough the Shock Top orange wedge and bar customer T.J Miller are back at it again criticising Sunday night's superbowl commercials as seen HERE.

5. Axe “Find Your Magic”

“Find Your Magic” by Axe is an inspiring AD encouraging men to step up and BE A MAN! It’s an all about embracing you and what makes you special and unique to society. It is a good PSA for men to stop looking or judging at what other people have or got. Focus on you and what makes you a man!

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