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The Top Gets Lonely

We all aspire to achieve great things and to have a beautiful line up of accomplishments for our parents to boast about at dinner with their friends. Financial stability and a luxurious lifestyle is always a plus and often the incentive that pushes us past the stress, sweat and tears. The journey to success isn’t an easy one, and it’s even harder climbing that mountain solo.

Like many others do, I consider myself a social introvert. Alone is my favorite time of day, but whenever I do crawl out my shell, I am very conscious of the company I keep. The key, is to surround yourself with others who inspire you. Imagine how difficult it must be trying to reach for new heights, while the company you keep are content being paperweights. While it is crucial to be self motivated, the environment around you can play a huge role in your drive. Having a team that is chasing full force after their dreams and can relate to overcoming the journey’s struggles, creates quites a support system.  

If you are fortunate to attain a supportive circle, and you and your group of birds are flocking together, never forget to be an inspiration to them as well. Let your drive be a form of encouragement to them as much as they motivate you. Jealousy and envy are characteristics of the weak, and so is snobbery. Be soccer mom proud of their achievement, and be modest in your successes, using them as a tool to continue to uplift those around you.

Be protective of your ambitions. Share your dreams with those who will treat them with honesty, respect and sensitivity. Never share your goals with someone who will break them down out of malicious intentions. Those individuals need  immediate removal  from your personal network.

There’s no room for negativity in the climb for success. It gets hard sometimes, and it is important to have a reliable support system. Your “circle” by no means needs to be a group of 20, but 1 person can make a grand difference. That one person who you  witness leap  over obstacles and who you inspire to strive for more challenging goals, is a keeper.

No one wants to sip on their champagne and nibble at their caviar alone. Uplifting each other can only lead to one thing,  more proud dinnertime stories.  

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