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Journalists - here's something to think about

Sure, this is not a top-tier newspaper gig or a glamorous television job, but we do have Timtams and laugh alot. Our deadlines are not as dramatic, but we do have a magazine to get out. You will meet lots of interesting people from all walks of life, namely entrepreneurs that may one day be 'the next big thing' and some big businesses that choose us as their marketing arm.

It's true, we are looking for a journalist, because we like journalists. They seem to be smarter, more diverse and faster than having a PR chick (or bloke) in-house, and let's face it, communications people suck at writing real stories for quality magazines - but you seem to have that one sorted.

And... we aren't a bad place to work. Our people are nice, all with interesting and diverse backgrounds. We work hard and as much as I would like to say that we play hard, its possibly not the case other than for a few Gen-y'ers that work for the company.

We have a dog, but she is stuck in the US at the moment. Hopefully one day she will join us back on these sunny shores.

Marketing Eye isn't your normal marketing agency. For a start, we are international and we have a concept that changes business outcomes. We help small to medium sized businesses escalate their business growth by delivering a targeted marketing strategy and outsourced marketing team who make sure that their strategy is implemented with set KPI's.

On top of that, we have our own magazine which you will be in charge of with the benefit of an outsourced Editor, a company blog that is occasionally not too bad to read, and thousands of followers on social media platforms who are happy to chat, connect and collaborate with our brand.

What we hope from this new person joining our team is someone who is willing to roll their sleeves up, not afraid of change and is ready to get their hands dirty in social media and client communications.

The magazine is quarterly and its fun to do, so you can take that where you want to but we feel we have given you something great to work with. Check it out and feel free to let us know what you think.

What to expect:

  • Lots of industries to cover as well as people
  • Entrepreneurial clients that are awesome
  • Great people to hang with in the office
  • A boss that is never there, so skyping is the norm
  • Diversity, challenging opportunities and an ability to be creative
  • Being surrounded by ideas people who need you to help their vision come alive

What we want from you:

  • Some basics: a degree and some print experience
  • Confidence, ambition, team player who thrives on showing the world their work
  • Enthusiasm for social media
  • Excellent writing skills and an ability to proof read your own work and mine
  • Full-time hours but once you have hung with us for a while, some ability to work in a more flexible environment
  • An ability to bring something to the table.

How we would like to see this role out:

  • Send us your CV and a short paragraph as to why you may be interested in working for Marketing Eye
  • We look at your CV and call you for a telephone interview - if you like us and we like you, we can go on our first date
  • First date: face to face - coffee, vino or just a glass of water - whichever you prefer
  • Second date: on the telephone; reference checking, asking of questions, sharing our gorey stories just to make sure we haven't hidden anything from you that may shock you later
  • Then... it's onboarding; team event, more vino (or water), open book of previous work, scheduling of timetables, culture book reading and more.

Now to the big stuff - salary. Well, that depends on you. We are happy to have a person join our team that has one year experience if you can write, but we are definitely not ruling out someone who has just left a newspaper that has significant experience, as long as it fits our budget.

So contact us if you are interested and PLEASE share with your friends.

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