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Introverts vs. Extroverts in the Workplace

The difference between an Introvert vs. Extrovert is commonly misinterpreted. Most people believe that introversion goes hand and hand with being shy while extroversion goes hand and hand with being outgoing. That is not necessarily the case. Being an introvert or an extrovert stems from your energy not just your personality traits.

Offices are filled with numerous different personalities. It can often be difficult to mesh well with others that possess different characteristics than you. You must learn to overcome adversity in the workplace.

First, identify your own energy.

You need to know yourself before you can learn how to work with others. Where does your energy come from? Do you prefer to be around people or be alone? Do you consider yourself a leader? These are all questions you must ask yourself when identifying whether you are an introvert or extrovert.

Either way it is important to be true to yourself. Offices become successful when there is a combination of different strengths to pull from.

Here are some observations I found from doing some initial research of the difference between an introvert and extravert:

  • The quieter one
  • Thinks through their actions
  • Likes their alone time
  • Needs time to reflect
  • Don’t particularly like big crowds

  • The loud one in the office
  • More reactionary
  • Likes being in group settings
  • Not shy
  • Don’t necessarily think every action through

There are strengths within each of these personality type. You must first identify your own strengths and then learn to play off other's. It is important to know your co-workers and know where their strengths stem from. Working together is vital for success within your office. Let the introvert be the introvert and the extrovert be the extrovert. Don’t try to change who you are just learn where your strengths and weakness lie.

How do you manage different personalities in your office?

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