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Informal Is The New Formal

Back in the good ole’ days we used to speak to each other completely differently than we do now. Granted I am a millennial and aren’t that old, but I can definitely see a vast change in the way our parents and ourselves interacted as kids. We conversate informally and we internalize it now. This has caused marketing professionals to make vast adjustments across the board and take an unusual route to engaging the younger generation.

Conversations and interactions used to be based off being punctual, grammatically correct, and formal. It was based on a feature of respect and sense of cordial-ness. However, nowadays we may have skipped past the formalities and gone straight to culture slang.

By culture slang I am referring to the use of created and adopted terms to fit cultures, genders, and groups. Literature majors are having panic attacks over what has happened to language. We have created entirely new words and phrases which cease to exist in any dictionary, but are used more readily than any legitimate pre-existing word.

For example, this blog is a perfect depiction of the generational change occurring in communication norms among us. If this blog was written formally, the point of the article would be made clearly, the message would be direct, and there probably wouldn’t be half as many grammatical errors.

The funny thing is that more people will read an article like this, full of flaws, than a formally written article. Why is this? Because the younger generation is not interested what is formal or correct, they are interested in what is relatable and real. Using slang terms and an unfiltered style of writing and interaction is what appeals to the younger generation.

They feel more attached and belonging to an article which isn’t perfect and formal, but rather perfect in it’s imperfections. All of this to say, marketing is changing ever so rapidly. If you want to engage with Millennials and the future generations, you will have to adopt some methods of messaging and interacting that are perhaps outside the norm.

Use slang, use real, use what is most relatable to your intended audience. You might just be surprised by the result.

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