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How To Stay Motivated All Day Long

At 6:05 AM, when that dreaded alarm clock goes off, all you really want to do is stay in bed. Nevertheless, you begrudgingly peel off the sheets and carry on with your day only to overeat at lunchtime and feel your energy levels plummet even more. By 3:24pm you are completely ready to give up on all of your dreams for a 30 minute nap, every, single, day.

My friend, it is time to break out of this cycle. You are merely a mortal, so tiredness is inevitable, but don't succumb to the monotony of routine. Motivation is the best defense against lethargy.

So let’s explore how to stay motivated all day long!


We say it to each other everyday but do we ever actually have a good morning? Refresh your daily regime and start your day with a rejuvenating shower and a hearty breakfast. Incorporating practices like yoga or a quick morning workout helps awaken the body and prepare it for whatever the day holds. Set your mind on constructive thoughts and remind yourself of your goals. Whether through prayer, meditation or inspiring music, get into a headspace of success because you have a full day ahead of you.


A much anticipated lunchtime has arrived, and oh you deserve it. You tackled and completed multiple projects zipping through your to do lists with ease. Or maybe you only got one task done, but that’s great too. Because by now you understand how to micromanage your goals taking on small chunks at a time, acknowledging every achievement, no matter how small. So instead of lunch being an excuse to escape your responsibilities, it’s an opportunity to take a break to reward and recharge yourself. Stay away from junk foods that will make you sluggish but choose a balanced and energizing lunch and load up on water to revitalize your mind and body.


Oh, the dreaded 3pm. This is when the going has officially gotten tough, and you just want to get going. Don't give up just yet. Take a quick break and get creative! Caffeine, a walk, funny cat videos on YouTube, energy drinks (not the healthiest option, but genuinely a necessity sometimes) or my personal favorite, music! Somewhere, your long term goals should be scribbled in your planner, or mounted in your workspace and this is the time to read them. Soak it all up, remind yourself of your dreams and get back to the chase.

5pm, 7pm, 1am.

Whatever the time is that you finally “clock out”, treat yourself. Leave the stresses of the day behind and treat yourself to a movie, ice cream or just sleep. You gave it your all and regardless the outcomes, you did good today. Reflect on everything that went right, and how you can improve the things that didn’t, tomorrow.

Rinse, and repeat.

Written by Jaye Gardner Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta

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