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How Present Are You?

Having the ability to communicate succinctly is crucial in all areas of life, and if a message can be said in one sentence rather than a paragraph, why not choose the former?

In reality, it is easier said than done. Maintaining professional communication requires constant practice and puts oneself in uncomfortable situation, just like everything else. One of the great ways to hone this skill is to avoid the usage of filler words, such as “uh”, “um”, and “like.” We all do it, yet it takes conscious efforts to exercise professionalism. Let’s take a closer look:

Technology is great and always changing; however, it could also be a means for shortcuts that would potentially hinder professionalism in the workplace environment. For instance, for someone who is a heavy texter with usage of emoticons at work, it might impact his or her ability to communicate professionally on emails.

Also, one should tailor his or her communication style based on the audience. For instance, chatting with colleagues about weekend plans would be quite different from making a professional presentation to upper management or potential clients, and this is where emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in it.

Last but not least, one should always dress for the occasion. If dressing up in full suit facilitates executive presence and effectively communicates your credibility during a presentation, by all means go for it. On the same token, if dressing in business casual or semi-formal apparel makes one feel more at ease in his or her delivery, that could work as well. The key is to integrate one’s personal style with executive presence in order to share the best version of oneself with others.

At that point, you will reach maximum potential in the business environment, without losing your individuality.

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