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Health And Fitness For The Working Human

Eating healthy is hard, there is always some delicious treat that tempts us. Working out is even harder. Who wants to do something that hurts or takes a lot of time? And time, who has the time to work out on a daily basis? Not the average working human.

After a long eight hour day at the office no one wants to go home and work out. No, they want to sleep, eat, and digest after a trying day. It’s so hard to make a healthy meal when you do get home. Especially when on the drive home you see all these fast food places like Chick Fil A and Zaxby’s. But you know eating healthy and exercising is important, so how do you find the time?

Well eating healthy is something you train yourself into doing. Instead of eating a cookie at work, try having an apple. Instead of drinking soda try drinking water. An average of eight cups a day is considered a healthy amount to consume. And water has so many other benefits as well. It helps energize your muscles and it keeps your brain alert and functioning. So when that mid-day crash starts to set in, try drinking a cup of cold water instead of running to the coffee machine.

Prepping your meals is a good way to ensure you will have a healthy meal to come home to at night. You can make your meals the day before and just heat them up when you get home, or you can have all the necessities ready to go in order to cut down on time after a long day of work. Having a plan for what you are going to eat each night can really help in avoiding those fast food places that might tempt you on your drive home.

Exercising doesn’t have to be extreme or overwhelming. It can be as simple as going for a walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You don’t have to train like a professional athlete to be healthy. Walking alone has so many health benefits including boosting your mood, helping to prevent heart disease, and strengthening your bones and muscles. So if you think you need to run five miles to be healthy, think again. A simple 30 minute walk can be more than beneficial.

When it comes to working and trying to stay healthy, there are ways in doing so. You just have to be willing to keep an open mind and you have to be committed to the healthy lifestyle. It can take some time to get used to, but after a while you won’t even want that cookie or soda.

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Written by Ariana Przybyszewski Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta

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