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Exercise Balls In The Workplace

Let your inner kid come out by purchasing an exercise ball for the workplace. This new trend has been circulating in workplaces all over the country. Many people are replacing their standard desk chairs with exercise balls. However, there have been mixed reviews about these oversized “bouncy balls” as I call them. Do they really help your posture, your core and your attention or is this all just a myth? Are they for everyone? Do they cause back pains? I have done some digging and this is what I have discovered.

1.  Don’t sit on the ball all day long. Research shows that you should switch between a chair and the exercise ball. It is not good for your back to stay on the exercise ball all day long.
2.  Active vs. Passive sitting. When you are on the exercise ball make sure you don’t get too comfortable. Be actively aware of your posture when you are on the ball at all times, or in a chair for that matter.
 3.  It isn’t necessarily good for your back. Lower back discomfort can still occur when using a exercise ball. This isn’t a cure to all back pain.
 4.  Core work. When you are sitting on the ball your core is engaged. This means you are burning calories while sitting at your desk, what a bonus!
 5.  It’s fun. Sitting in a chair all day can become quite boring. Using an exercise ball can be a great way to change your routine and even help refocus your attention.

You will hear mixed opinions about using an exercise ball at work, but from my personal experience it has been great. In moderation this new way of sitting had allowed me to focus more on my posture while having fun at the same time. I encourage everyone to purchase your own exercise ball and try it for yourself.

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