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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert, author, writer, public speaker and technology innovator. Having worked with more than 300 companies across technology, medical device, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, finance and health industries, Mellissah has a well-established reputation as an experienced marketing professional with more than 20 years experience. As the founder and managing director of Marketing Eye, she has taken the company from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Australia and the US. Mellissah is also the Editor in Chief of Marketing Eye Magazine, a quarterly magazine that cover marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, health and wellbeing. #mellissah #marketingeye
Thursday, 02 July 2020 14:32

FanQuest Nation

 FanQuest Nation increases visibility to select fandoms and host social events to further aid in the visibility and awareness. Marketing Eye has worked with FanQuest to refresh their brand and create several social media campaigns to promote upcoming events.


Thursday, 02 July 2020 14:28

Construx Solutions

Construx Solutions provide a technology solution for construction project to cut cist and optimize completin of projects. Marketing Eye has worked with Construx to redesign several logos from their main brand and software solutions to increase brand awareness and consistency.

Construx 2

Construx Solutions 3
Thursday, 04 June 2020 11:27


SeeGee offers clients best-ofbreed security technology solutions, backed by a team of technology professionals capable of ensuring the integrity of networks and platforms across complex organizations. Through independent technology consultation, SeeGee has worked exclusively with Fortune 500 companies. Marketing Eye worked with See Gee to created refreshed collateral included brochures and sales presenations to help further brand awareness and brand continuity.

SeeGee 2

SeeGee 3
Thursday, 04 June 2020 11:24

Owen Hodges Lawyers

Owen Hodge Lawyers is a top tier law firm Sydney. Owen Hodge Sydney law firm provides expert advice in a diverse range of business legal services and personal law matters. Marketing Eye worked with Owen Hodge to create many informational brochures and an e-books to  promote Owen Hodge Lawyers and sub offerings such as Family Future Planning. 

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webohl 670x347

Thursday, 21 May 2020 09:10


Panoptic offers security and paramedical services for their clients. They focus on creating a safe and secure environment that allows their clients to live and work without fear. Marketing Eye worked with Panoptic to visually upgrade several of their collateral pieces visually to help to further modernize the brand. Marketing Eye also produced updated landing pages to help promote several products and services.

panoptic bc 80

panoptic web 80
Thursday, 21 May 2020 09:00

Marketing Eye Magazine

Marketing Eye Magazine is the ultimate magazine for entrepreneurs and marketers looking for a relevant, up-to-date read with an international perspective. Marketing Eye Magazine is the latest small business marketing magazine that is guaranteed to get you thinking. Share ideas with some of the world’s most successful small and big business owners, learn how to create your own success financially and emotionally, and see the latest gadgets and business destinations – all in one magazine. Marketing Eye Magazine also displays design ideas from all around the world in various business sectors.

ME Cover 02

ME Cover

ME mag1

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ME mag3
Monday, 11 May 2020 16:53


DentiCare provides a payment plan solution that is specifically designed for Dental and Orthodontic practices. Denticare's solution is aimed at increasing clients treatment acceptance while satisfying patient demand for the treatment they need. Marketing Eye worked with DentiCare to update and refresh their website to help modernize the website and better communicate with their target audience. Marketing Eye also produced several email marketing campaigns to help spread content about new promotions and solutions.

DentiCare 2

DentiCare 3
Monday, 11 May 2020 16:39

CHS Healthcare

CHS Healthcare designs, supply and install patient lifting and healthcare equipment to hospitals Australia-wide. CHS Healthcare specializes in patient lifting rail systems, portable and fixed hoists, and bariatric solutions. CHS Healthcare also provide a complete range of floor lifters, change tables, therapy baths, privacy screens, and much more. Marketing Eye redesigned CHS Healthcare's website with a modern and mobile optimized design to help target hospitals and medical care facilities that can greatly benefit from their many medical supply services.  

Wednesday, 06 May 2020 14:46

Mexico City Food Products

Mexico City Foods is proudly the first, and still the best, supplier of authentic Mexican Food Products. Marketing Eye worked with Mexico City Food Products to refresh the design and content of the website to help Mexico City Food Products to better provide their food products to Australia. Having an updated website helped Mexico City to better facilitate the sell of authentic mexican food products.

Mexico City Food Products 2
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 14:44

Aerial Now

Aerial Now is one of Australia’s premier aerial photography businesses. With over 10-years experience, Aerial Now projects in every corner of Australia – clocking up thousands of hours in the air. Marketing Eye created several marketing pieces for Aerial Now including flyers, email campaigns and website refresh. Working with Marketing Eye has allowed Aerial Now to increase their exposure and engagement to target market.

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