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What we do

What We Do

In simple, we help your business develop powerful, results-orientated marketing strategies and campaigns to deliver on your overall business goals. We work in two markets; small to medium sized businesses and large corporations for projects. In-house we have a team of marketers, graphic designers, web developers, social media experts, lead generation, direct marketing and public relations.

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Our Plans

From on-boarding your business, every experience you have with Marketing Eye will exceed your expectations. We plan to ensure that your business grows through choosing Marketing Eye as your marketing partner. We constantly evolve, innovate and develop custom technology to work harder, faster and smarter for our clients.

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Our Strategy

Expect the best marketing strategy in Australia - every single time. Marketing Eye is renowned for developing comprehensive, results-orientated and brand focused marketing strategies that help businesses achieve their overall business goals. Using the experiences of more than 1,000 marketing strategies, along with extensive research and Robotic Marketer, our strategies are powerful.

A Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye provides marketing services to startups and small to medium-sized businesses all the way through to large corporations. Our marketing consulting services are backed by the latest in marketing technologies, and a team of people in marketing, design, web, and communications.

Easy on-boarding process

We walk you through how you can get the most out of your outsourced marketing department, what to expect and how to leverage our resources, contacts and ways of doing business to improve your outcomes.

Awesome team experiences

Marketing Eye's team of people are talented and completely committed to ensuring that our clients get the results they are looking for. Their best days, are when you have achieved remarkable results from the work they have done.


We use all the best marketing technologies and spend endless hours researching new ways in which we can accelerate your growth through using technology platforms for better customer engagement.

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1,000 Strategies 

With our experience of working on more than 1,000 marketing strategies, you will find an experienced team of marketing professionals at your disposal whilst working with Marketing Eye.

Affordable Outsourced Marketing

We haven't changed our prices in 10 years, because our number one priority is to help your business grow, and give you every opportunity to be competitive in a changing landscape.

Website and SEO

Ensure that your website gives customers and prospects the experiences they want to have with your brand to give them every reason to buy from you. Also, make sure you SEO company is not ripping you off! See us and we can help you understand what is needed from an SEO perspective.


Start today with an outsourced marketing department

Imagine having a fully functional marketing department managing all your marketing needs for just $2,500 per month? That is possible if you choose to have an experienced 'Marketing Eye' on your team. We help businesses from working out exactly what they need to do from a marketing perspective, through to ensuring that every area of their marketing strategy is implemented seamlessly.

Every week you will have a marketing meeting with your marketing manager, followed by a report on all marketing activities conducted that week, and marketing activations in the pipeline. Through ASANA technology, you will know exactly what Marketing Eye is working on at any given time, and what stages of completion each task is at.

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What We Do

It’s not one area of marketing that makes our marketing services unique. We have a team of people with the ability to help your business in al areas of marketing, digital and communications.

Marketing Management

We provide small to medium sized businesses with a complete outsourced marketing team, managed by a marketing director, capable of making a difference to your business. 

Public Relations

With in-house journalists and communications experts, Marketing Eye increases your profile in he media through PR activities.

Brand Awareness

From designing new brands, to elevating the profile of your existing brand, Marketing Eye works tirelessly in promoting your brand in the market place.

Lead Generation

Working closely with your sales team, Marketing Eye develops lead generation campaigns that run continuously feeding your sales funnel and helping your sales team close more deals.

Social Media

Marketing Eye has the highest following of any outsourced marketing department company in Australia on social media. Benefit from our extensive knowledge and influence across social media platforms.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing and electronic direct marketing forms an integral part of our marketing mix. We help you navigate the best use of your database.

Digital Marketing

From Pay-per-click advertising, online sponsorships, paid guest blogs, influencer management, marketing automation and scraping - we have you covered.


Responsive websites that are search engine optimised and continually promoted to drive leads and engage with customers is our speciality.