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The Marketing Eye Atlanta team has a combined 35+ years experience in marketing and communications. Marketing Eye Atlanta is well-known for high performance, technology-driven marketing campaigns that deliver results. The team members are experts in all facets of the marketing mix including strategy development, content marketing, branding, website development, public relations, social media, digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, direct marketing, etc.

What does International Women's Day mean to you as a female leader in your field?

Connection and Reflection

Up until recent years my time has been so absorbed raising my 3 children and trying to learn and establish a business, so it’s only in the recent years’ time has allowed me to take time to pause, connect and reflect.

Marketing strategies tailored for Gen Z and Millennials require distinct approaches due to the different characteristics, values, and media consumption habits of these two generations. Both groups are technologically savvy, but their preferences and behaviors can greatly influence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, especially in lifestyle products like sunglasses. Here's a comparison of strategies that could be effective for each group: 

With the marketing sector experiencing rapid shifts, reaching your target audience and raising awareness about your cause is crucial for any non-profit organization. But working with a tight marketing budget can make things challenging to compete with larger businesses for online visibility. 

The surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unmistakably altering the core of marketing strategies today. This shift towards personalization is not just a new strategy but a necessity for businesses aiming to forge deeper connections with their audience. By leveraging AI, marketers are now creating experiences uniquely tailored to individual preferences, revolutionizing customer engagement in the process.

Friday, 23 February 2024 00:23

Hurricane Tensile Structures

Company Profile:

Hurricane Tensile Structures, - the pinnacle of Engineering Excellence since the 1990s, is a particular design which incorporates tensile fabric materials known for their strength and durability, designed to withstand the intense forces and winds associated with hurricanes. They have built their reputation by honouring the craft for over three decades.

Business Goal:

To provide a secure and durable shelter while minimising the impact of hurricane-force winds on the structure.

Marketing Goal:

To mirror competitors in driving the company forward by aligning business, sales and marketing objectives.  


We believe Hurricane Tensile Structure faced many difficulties with its previous branding and website which did not align with the company values and market growth. Whilst they have made significant strides in in their unique services and commitment to provide efficient, speedy and cost-effective solutions, there was a need for a brand transformation to reflect this.

A significant challenge for the brand was the brand name ‘Trade Structures’ as it did not reflect the company’s unique services and features. It is evident that the logo needs to align with the additional updates within the brand strategy refresh.

Another challenge was the need to update the website with an immersive, interactive and educational digital presence. For any business, a successful website is the foundation to the sales process. Customer experience, information sources and design interactivity are the forefront to capitalize organic traffic with high conversion rates.   

Rebranding Strategy Solution:

Marketing Eye initiated an extensive rebranding process so the company can establish a trust with their target audience, distinguish itself from competitors and increase their growth and stability. Maintaining constituency in branding and incorporating both messaging and visual identity will reinforce brand recognition and contribute to credibility with customers and stakeholders.

This strategic rebrand initiative involved the creation of a tagline, SEO, direct Mmrketing, electronic direct marketing, public relations, a modernised website, an unique logo and brand name and engaging social media campaigns.


Marketing Eye’s team of talented designers and marketers brainstormed with key stakeholders in the business to reflect upon the value they bring their customers. The tagline wanted to create a greater meaning than a business who provides secure and durable shelter, and more to showcase their unique identity.

The tagline is ‘Beyond Boundaries: Modular Solutions For A Dynamic World’.

As a team, we believe this tagline captures the essence of its commitment to providing innovative and adaptable solutions that go beyond traditional limits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Recognising the significance of SEO is a fundamental component of marketing due to its ability to enhance online visibility, credibility and user experience. We believe it is crucial for HTS to appear in related searchers and increase digital performance. Through a combination of optimizing page titles, page meta descriptions, and images, traffic will increase to the website and generate leads.

Direct Marketing:

To enable a personalised approach, Marketing Eye now offers calls to encourage potential customers to visit the website. The calls allow customers to stay well informed on latest products to increase the opportunity for sales.

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM):

Marketing Eye used the digital marketing tool of email marketing to firstly connect with customers on a personalised basis, but to secondly segment the customer base by industry, geographical, budget and solutions. In doing so, the business will be able to directly communicate customers with content which is catered to their personalized needs.

Public Relations:

As HTS public relations was limited, Marketing Eye used testimonials as a communication strategy to boost conversation and attraction to the brand. Marketing Eye wanted to communicate HTS brand positivity and credibility, therefore including testimonials elevated HTS market position as a credible business.  

New Website:

Although HTS utlizied their website to drive traffic, they were not taking full advantage of the benefits from organic visitors and converting them into loyal customers. As a team, we incorporated the brand colours into aspects of the navigation to allow for a cohesive structure for all content. The website updated its key messaging to tailor each customer preference whether it be blogs, links to social media platforms, CTA prompts or engaging imagery. 

HTS website now features engaging and compelling content and provides a distinctive user experience, aiming to both engage and convert visitors into potential clients.

Untitled 5

New Logo:

We designed a new logo that reflected the new modern identity whilst embodying simplicity. Keeping the colour palette white not only maintains a seamless aesthetic but also symbolises the seamless services HTS delivers.

New Brand Name:

‘Trade Structures’ – ‘Hurricane Tensile Structures’

In reference to SEO, there was a challenge to the previous as it never reflected the uniqueness of what HTS had to offer to their customers. Marketing Eye worked with the business to create a name which portrayed who HTS are and what their unique service is.

Kanye West's Super Bowl marketing strategy is not just a prime example but a complete masterclass for using event-driven marketing, strategic pricing, and consumer psychology to achieve extraordinary sales figures. This approach, while unique to his brand's persona and market positioning, offers invaluable insights for businesses aiming to refine their marketing strategies for heightened impact and profitability.

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 19:25

Long Form Ads: Do they work?

Remember those captivating long-form ads that felt like mini-movies? Are they relics of a bygone era, or can they still hold their own in 2024? With goldfish-like attention spans and endless content competition, the effectiveness of long-form ads sparks ongoing debate. So, the burning question remains: “Do long-form ads still work in 2024?”

Every year, the Super Bowl isn't just about the clash on the gridiron; it's also about the battle of the brands competing to conquer the viewers' attention during commercial breaks. The Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right, with marketers pulling out all the stops to create memorable and impactful advertisements.

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