Marketing Eye's Fundamental Business Values

Marketing Eye's Fundamental Business Values

Kindness, understanding and commitment to excellence

The basic fundamental of any business is its values. We believe that kind people who understand other perspectives and commit to working ethically in the best interests of clients are imperative to our business.

We also look for people who enjoy collaborating on clients' work to produce the best quality work every single time. We have each others' back, make each other cups of tea, and roll up our sleeves when a colleague needs a helping hand.

It's very important that trust, honesty, work ethic, commitment to excellence, integrity, and kindness is displayed in everything we do. That's our promise to our clients and our staff.


Your life

At Marketing Eye Atlanta we believe in a healthy balance between work and life. We wholeheartedly support alternative ways of living while maintaining full commitment to our clients.

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Happy Staff

Working at Marketing Eye has challenged me to achieve and become things that I never thought I could become all while building lifelong relationships that I will cherish forever. Brandon Reviere Creative Director
I came to Marketing Eye in order to expand my knowledge in Graphics and gain valuable manager experience. I have been fortunate to work closely with the founder of the company Mellissah Smith. As a result, I learn a tremendous amount every day. Each work day presents a new, exciting challenge. The environment promotes critical thinking and creative enterprise as well as personal and professional. Kris Poposki Graphic Designer
Working at Marketing Eye, I am apart of an innovative team that builds you up and continuously challenges you to grow and develop your marketing skills. The culture at Marketing Eye is unlike any other marketing firm, everyone is positive, encouraging, and motivated to succeed. Sydni Roach Marketing Executive
With a flat organisation and no management, it’s refreshing to see ideas freely flowing with no limitations other than people’s imagination. Mellissah Smith Founder
Since joining Marketing Eye over 3 years ago I’ve learned so much! Marketing Eye is exactly the type of working environment in which people can truly develop and make a difference! I've been able to boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging portfolio of projects. Marketing Eye challenges employees to grow and think differently by always encouraging them to find new and creative ways to achieve the best results. Amber Perry Senior Marketing Manager
The Marketing Eye office is an energetic, supportive and welcoming environment. We are encouraged to think creatively, and to become the best marketers, developers, managers and designers we can be. Sophia Mero Marketing Executive
I joined the Marketing Eye team in 2016 and honestly it still feels like my first day. The atmosphere and culture of Marketing Eye is one that stands alone in the field of marketing. Everyone on the team is inspiring, positive and most of all self-driven to succeed. Where other firms limit your ability to grow and advance in the various disciplines of marketing, Marketing Eye lets you learn and develop at your heart’s content with the backing of a truly talented team. Brice Bradshaw Marketing Manager
I’m happy here. People listen to what I have to say. It’s just like my second family. I love that my opinion counts. Wendy Ngo Accountant/Data Scientist
Marketing Eye cares. The culture is incredibly supportive, creative, innovative and forward-thinking. Debra Sinclair Senior Marketing Manager
The positive atmosphere at Marketing Eye is driven by its passionate employees who support each other to achieve goals to the best of their ability. The nurturing workplace provides us with opportunities to learn and grow within a fun, uplifting team environment. Amanda Moncur Graphic Designer