Your Outsourced Marketing Team

Your Outsourced Marketing Team

Your challenge is our success.


Mellissah Smith

Founder/Managing Director

Mellissah Smith is one of the world's leading marketing experts having pioneered two specialized marketing firms into operations in three separate States of Australia and more recently expanding Marketing Eye in the US with an office in Atlanta. Mellissah has worked with over 200 companies, emerging and large multinationals, developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns. From developing strategic marketing plans to re-inventing old brands in a changing market place, Mellissah has creative flair, business acumen, and a knowledge of all aspects of marketing.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Development

Our Team

Pippa a

Pippa Smith

Chief Barking Officer

Syndi a

Sydni Roach

Marketing Executive 

Payal a

Payal Keswani

Marketing Executive

Wendy a

Wendy Ngo

Accountant / Data Scientist

Christina Sq a

Christina Kortesis

Chief Operating Officer / CMO

Hannah Jarvis a

Hannah Jarvis

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sophia a

Sophia Mero

Marketing Executive

Jennifer a

Jennifer Fong

Data Scientist

Melissa a

Melissa Sharp

Senior Marketing Manager

Ethan a

Ethan Perry

Marketing Executive

Maddie a

Madeleine Sefton

Marketing Executive

Michelle a

Michelle Reid

Senior Marketing Manager

Tina Sq a

Tina Vu

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda a

Amanda Moncur

Brand Marketing