Embracing The Community

At Marketing Eye Atlanta we believe in a healthy balance between work and life. We wholeheartedly support alternative ways of living while maintaining full commitment to our clients.

There is one entrepreneurial and marketing community that holds hands

Without entrepreneurs, marketing would be boring and vice-versa. Marketing Eye Atlanta has hundreds of clients, entrepreneurs, and marketers as connections. Like every forward-thinking community, we ask that both marketers and entrepreneurs hold hands, share experiences, challenge opinions, and inspire greatness. 

If you are anything like us, you love books, travel, education, sharing ideas, daily inspiration, writing, and gifts. So, we decided to make all of these things part of our community:

  • Join our book club: You will receive 12 books per year, monthly, from entrepreneurs, marketers, psychologists, and well-being experts. 
  • Join our creative tours: We're off to Europe in May 2019 . Experience Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo. Be inspired by art galleries, architecture, advertising and marketing agencies, ice hotels, and igloos. Then go back home and write, draw, photograph or design your most memorable moment for a charity book. Tours are just $5,500. Only 20 intakes per year.
  • Join our monthly training and development webinars: July - How to implement the perfect marketing strategy, August - The most effective electronic direct marketing campaigns, September - Robotic Marketer, October - Marketing Strategies, November - Psychology of target audiences, December - Technologies that power marketing departments, January - New year, new marketing department, February - The best advertising campaigns, March - What sales teams really need, April - The inside sales model, May - What's new in marketing, June - How to write a marketing strategy.
  • Join our marketing round tables: Held quarterly in Atlanta, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, 10 selected marketers will share ideas, opinions, and the latest and greatest in marketing.
  • Join our daily inspiration: Be inspired by subscribing to your daily dose of inspiration.
  • Join our writers club: Get published in Marketing Eye Magazine or on one of our many blogs with backlinks to your profile or business.
  • Gift Center: Try the latest products in the market for free, but you have to write about it, share it on social media, and talk about it. 

It's very important that trust, honesty, work ethic, commitment to excellence, integrity, and kindness is displayed in everything we do. That's our promise to our clients and to our staff.

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As marketers, we like to experience the world. That’s where our best ideas originate from. Mellissah Smith Founder
Travelling with other like-minded marketers and creatives will open your eyes to other people’s perspectives. That can only enhance your ability to bring more to the table. Mellissah Smith Founder
Constant, relentless improvement is always necessary. Never forget that. Mellissah Smith Founder
Never, ever give up. Giving up means that you are not brave enough to tackle what is in front of you, nor learn the lessons you need to learn. Mellissah Smith Founder
Believe you can do anything, and you will. All you have to do is have the courage to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Mellissah Smith
Your marketing experience is invaluable, not only to the company you work for, but the people around you. Sharing with other people at your level, will bring you up a notch, and imagine what you can do from there. Mellissah Smith Founder
Reading is a gift. Turn off the television, hop off social media, and pick up an old fashion book and read it front to back. You’ll get it after the first chapter. Mellissah Smith Founder