Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye Atlanta is passionate about supporting local and international causes. 

We support many causes, but specifically we are passionate about childern and animal welfare. As a team of animal lovers, we have a Maltese Schnauzer permanently in the Marketing Eye office. 

Our Founder, Mellissah Smith, recently started an not-for-profit business called 'The World Incubator' located in Charters Towers, Austraila. It includes a team of supporters, mentors and business leaders that will help 10 to 15 buddying entrepreneurs take their businesses from idea stage to commercialization. Each incubator participant will be given mentors, education, training, development and marketing to help them develop their business ideas and take them to 'The World' stage. 

We truly are passionate about giving back to the community, and are always looking for another cause to support. So if you need money, or pro bono marketing support, we would be happy to take submissions. We believe that everyone deserves the right to a quality life and anything that we can do to help, is our pleasure and priority.

For more information contact us today.