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Managing Director

Mellissah Smith is a leading marketer, entrepreneur and tech-head, who has founded two marketing agencies, one technology company, a golfing experience platform and a consumer product brand.

Her passion for business and delivering disruptive practices to organizations looking to catapult their growth - is unparalleled. As no stranger to change, two decades ago, Mellissah started her career with a typewriter as her only form of technology. Now, she leads the way internationally in ensuring that companies capitalize on the advantages of technology to drive customer interaction, closing the gap faster in what would normally be a slow sales process.

She talks on sales and marketing automation and is living proof of how companies can utilize their online profiles and positioning on Google to become world-leading in their respective industry sectors.

Recognized as the #2 Marketer to follow on Twitter and #18 Small Business Expert to follow on Twitter, her 47,000 followers, are only surpassed by that of the hundreds of thousands of people who read her blog. Her 11,400 followers on LinkedIn are active, with more than 73,000 people reading one of her LinkedIn authored blogs - one that she wrote just to show a client how it works.

Mellissah has extensive experience in marketing and communications for companies listing on the ASX and NASDAQ, along with an impressive 300 marketing strategies to her name. She owns and runs an entrepreneurial magazine and writes for a number of business editorials.

The way Mellissah trains her team to be ambassadors of the Marketing Eye brand is widely acknowledged giving interns through to managers the skills to tackle even the most complex marketing issues and deliver for clients marketing strategies and campaigns that are game-changing.

Mellissah is passionate about change, being uncomfortable, seeing the world, building businesses, travel, writing books, painting, listening and making the world a better place by starting with making your own bed.

Industries that most interest Mellissah include:
  • Technology
  • Biotechnology / Medical Device
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Property
  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment
  • FMCG

Areas that Mellissah may be of interest to you:
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  • Public speaking: entrepreneurial story, marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, women in business
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