Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye Atlanta has a number of internships available in January - December, 2019:
  • Graphic Design Internship : Unpaid position
  • Marketing Internship : Unpaid position
  • Journalism Internship : unpaid position : (Writing articles to be published in Marketing Eye Magazine (hard copy and soft copy). Great for portfolio.
  • Public Relations Internship : Unpaid position 
* Full induction program for all interns. Company culture is fun, exciting, hard working, ambitious and highly interactive. You will learn more in an internship at Marketing Eye than in any other organization. Our Atlanta processes are second to none and provide real job opportunities for applicants. Expansion plans throughout the US are in place for 2019/2020, so there are many opportunities to gain full-time employment - if you have passion, fit our company culture, know how to have fun and laugh at yourself and believe that anything is possible!

Marketing Eye Atlanta's office is at Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) - a real work environment whereby you can interact with other interns, play ping pong, ride scooters, drink as much Coca Cola as you like and in general live and breathe a positive, exciting work environment.

An internship @ Marketing Eye Atlanta is an investment in a young marketer's future.

At Marketing Eye Atlanta, we host many interns throughout the year. As we work all year round, we are able to have interns for 3 month periods. We work with more than 200 businesses and offer an opportunity for Interns to experience marketing at all levels and across all mediums during their internship.

To be considered for an internship at Marketing Eye Atlanta, interns are required to 'like' Marketing Eye on facebook and if you have a twitter account, follow Marketing Eye on twitter. In addition, you are required to send a resume and writting sample. This way, we know you are interested in marketing and want to do an internship with our firm.

An internship with Marketing Eye Atlanta, is an opportunity to see first hand how a dynamic, innovative marketing consultancy firm can help small businesses grow. We work with companies ranging from startup phase through to companies looking for high growth with revenue of $500,000 to $200 million dollars. Industries we specialize in include logistics, transport, technology, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas.

An intern may gain experience in the following tasks:
  • Marketing assistance to Marketing Managers
  • Database management and entry
  • Social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, Linkedin, Twitter, flickr, YouTube, etc
  • Blogs: concept development, research, application
  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations; development of media lists, press releases and dissemination of media releases
  • Direct Marketing; concept development and execution
  • Copywriting for websites
  • Lead Generation campaigns
  • Implementation of marketing campaigns


We have a comprehensive marketing internship program that ensures that marketing and graphic design interns receive the best learning experiences to go out there and get top quality jobs in organizations that appreciate marketing talent.

There is no coffee making, filing, bin emptying or wasted time - just a full-on, hard core internship that will catapult your marketing skills to a new level.

If you are interested for an internship in Marketing Eye Atlanta please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 1 404 626 8070.