Marketing Eye

Letter from Marketing Eye Founder, Mellissah Smith

Welcome to Marketing Eye!

My dream is to create the best small business marketing firm in the world. That means developing systems, technology and training programs to ensure that we always present ourselves as professional, experienced and efficient marketers, capable of providing a disruptive marketing solution that achieves sustainable results.

When a client joins Marketing Eye, they know that we are more than just a marketing firm - we are part of their team, delivering on their goals as a business, day after day.

Marketing Eye was founded in Australia in 2004 and has since grown exponentially. We continually set the benchmark for small to medium-sized business marketing and have grown our business in the US market with ease. Our point of difference is significant and companies find that by working with Marketing Eye they receive a creative, market-centric partner knowledgeable in all facets of the marketing, sales and technology.

Our clients benefit from the Marketing Eye marketing machine; our blog, magazine, technology, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, books and online television program (in development).

We work with small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for high growth and need assistance with building their brand in the market place. Our firm understanding that clients need value for their marketing investment, has ensured that our programs are tailored to key performance indicators and are powered by technology for execution, market intelligence and social interaction.

If you are interested in my opinions, the way I operate as the founder of Marketing Eye or some of the unique experiences of our marketing consultants, marketing managers and creatives - then check out our marketing blog, follow me on LinkedIn or subscribe to the Marketing Eye newsletter. I am sure you will find it very informative.

Next time you need a 'marketing eye', why not give us a call and have a chat? I am sure you will find it worth your while.

Yours sincerely,
Mellissah Smith
Founder and Managing Director